Announcement of The 2020 XPLORER PRIZE Winners

Based on the Charter of The XPLORER PRIZE (2020 Edition) and with the principle of objectiveness and fairness, Review Committee of The XPLORER PRIZE conducted prescreening, preliminary reviews, reviews and final face-to-face presentations over past several months, with each stage overseen by Supervisory Committee of The XPLORER PRIZE.

In the end, 50 promising young scientists out of more than one thousand candidates were selected. The winners list of the 2020 XPLORER PRIZE is officially announced as follows.

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Tencent Foundation
Executive Committee of The XPLORER PRIZE
September 25, 2020

Winners List of The 2020 XPLORER PRIZE

1 Xuhua HeMaleMathematics and PhysicsThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
2 Gang LiuMaleEast China Normal University
3 Wei LuMaleTsinghua University
4 Yu YuMaleShanghai Jiao Tong University
5 Jing ZhangMaleShanxi University
6 Yuanbo ZhangMaleFudan University
7 Lingling ChenFemaleLife SciencesCenter for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, CAS
8 Zhiwei HuangMaleHarbin Institute of Technology
9 Boxun LuMaleFudan University
10 Ertao WangMaleCenter for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, CAS
11 Ting ZhuMaleTsinghua University
12 Subo DongMaleAstronomy and GeosciencePeking University
13 Qingyang HuMaleCenter for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Research
14 Jing LiFemalePurple Mountain Observatory, CAS
15 Shilong PiaoMalePeking University
16 Dalin ShiMaleXiamen University
17 Yong WeiMaleInstitute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
18 Xing ChenMaleChemistry and New MaterialsPeking University
19 Ang LiMaleShanghai institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS
20 Lei LiuMaleTsinghua University
21 Zhipan LiuMaleFudan University
22 Jiepeng ZhangMaleSun Yat-sen University
23 Chao ChangMaleInformation and Electronics TechnologiesXi’an Jiaotong University
24 Qianqian HuangFemalePeking University
25 Xuelong LiMaleNorthwestern Polytechnical University
26 Zan LiFemaleXidian University
27 Tao XieMalePeking University
28 Jun ZhuMaleTsinghua University
29 Yao FuMaleEnergy and Environmental ProtectionUniversity of Science and Technology of China
30 Qian LiuMaleResearch Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS
31 Kun LuoMaleZhejiang University
32 Jixian XuMaleUniversity of Science and Technology of China
33 He YanMaleThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
34 Fubao ZhouMaleChina University of Mining and Technology
35 Yan ChenFemaleAdvanced ManufacturingTianjin University
36 Yongan HuangMaleHuazhong University of Science and Technology
37 Kaiyun WangMaleSouthwest Jiaotong University
38 Liping WangMaleNingbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, CAS
39 Zuankai WangMaleCity University of Hong Kong
40 Qiuwen ChenMaleTransportation and ConstructionNanjing Hydraulic Research Institute
41 Jinxiang HongMaleJiangsu Research Institute of Building Science Co., Ltd
42 Borong LinMaleTsinghua University
43 Xin NieMaleTsinghua University
44 Yun WeiMaleBeijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Ltd
45 Chengzhi PengMaleAdvanced Interdisciplinary StudiesUniversity of Science and Technology of China
46 Bai SongMalePeking University
47 Yue YangMalePeking University
48 Liyuan ZhangMaleSouthern University of Science and Technology
49 Bin ZhouMaleCenter for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, CAS
50 Jia ZhuMaleNanjing University